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Ahead Of Schedule



Lessondary X DJ Low Key "Never 2ndary [mixtape]

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Never Secondary


The ‘rap crew’ is a classic hip-hop trope that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. As such The Lessondary is a collective that has been putting in work for a while now and for their debut Ahead of Schedule it’s beyond time that you finally got to know them.


The squad consists of Von Pea and Donwill (aka Tanya Morgan), Ilyas Nashid, Rob Cave (fka Spec Boogie), Che Grand, Jermiside, Elucid, Aeon and Brickbeats. Recording in various configurations over the years, The Lessondary has amassed a discography large enough to be it’s own section of a Mom & Pop record shop. Each member boasts a lengthy list of accomplishments as well but in their greatest collective effort to date they’ve finally assembled in service of themselves to produce Ahead of Schedule, a record that has been years in the making.


With a sonic backdrop provided by Brickbeats, Aeon, Jermiside and Von Pea Ahead of Schedule is a lyrical whirlwind that isn’t short on cohesive topics or catchy hooks. Clocking in at 12 tracks, the cumulative effort effectively displays their dynamic as a self-contained unit with the ability to create a complete product from start to finish. The Lessondary Ahead of Schedule is set for a digital and physical release on HipNOTT Records.




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"I actually feel like an asshole; I'd seen this hit the Internets a bit ago, but life had me from actually peeping it. That kills me, because I feel like I've been waiting for this Lessondary group album for forever already. Think about it: the combined forces of Tanya MorganIlyasElucidRob CaveJermisideBrickbeats, AND Aeon?! I feel like I've been hearing about this at LEAST since the release of Brooklynati, and it looks like the squad has finally got the project to gether.

This first cut, which is the first cut on the forthcoming Ahead of Schedule, is a hook-less, hyper posse cut that finds the various MCs going for broke over a Brickbeats track. If you listen to this and don't understand why I fucks with them, you need your head examined."

-Rock The Dub


Elucid "Save Yourself" feature at Impose Magazine.


Ahead of Schedule

by Lessondary